BMS Color Run



What is the color made of? The color is primarily made of cornstarch, food color, and baking soda. View the complete ingredient list here. Booster will supply bandanas the students can wear over their nose and mouth.

What if my child is uncomfortable with color being thrown? Before the run begins, the Boosterthon Team reviews the safety rules. The team will explain to students that if they would like to avoid being exposed to the color powder, they can run towards the outer part of the track, as the “color zones” are located towards the inner portion of the track.

Does the color stain? The color washes out in the laundry. Boosterthon highly recommends students do not wear items they are worried about possibly ruining, should the color remain in the slightest after wash. Wash your child’s Color Run clothes in a separate wash. Cold water washes color are recommended. Rehoboth PTSA will be provinding t-shirts for all students.

Do I need to send a change of clothes/shoes for my child? It is recommended to have a change of clothes/shoes. If your student is not changing their clothes, we recommend that you bring a towel/old bedsheet, etc. for the car / bus ride home, to avoid getting color in the vehicle. We will have cleaning stations to get students cleaned up, including leaf blowers that can help get the color off the students. The Color Run will take place during the latter part of the school day so students can still take their bus home.

Who will be throwing the color? Adult volunteers, teachers, school staff, and the Booster team will be throwing the color. Color is thrown towards the ground or in the air.

How long will the run be? How many laps or is it time? The actual amount of time students will be running/walking/jogging is about 35 minutes. Students are encouraged to complete 30-35 laps.

How often (how many times) will the color be thrown? Boosterthon has designated “color laps” built into the event’s custom soundtrack, about one every five minutes or so. The color lap lasts about 30 seconds to a minute and is only conducted at the color stations located towards the inner portion of the track.